Perhaps the most envied people are the ones who can eat vast quantities of ice cream, pastries, pies and candy but never gain an ounce.  Others, particularly as they get older, seem to put on weight even if they indulge in tiny amounts of these foods.  Almost everyone agrees that excess weight can lead to many medical problems in addition to not being visually appealing.  Americans are said to spend more than $60 billion per year on diets and weight loss regimens.

There has been a continuing dream of medical researchers and big Pharma that if they can somehow develop something that allows people to eat what they want and still not gain weight, this will be the greatest fountain of money ever invented.  It is no secret that how a person treats the white–bad fat cells and the brown–good fat cells is related to how they gain weight.

Thermogenesis in brown adipocytes.

Thermogenesis in brown adipocytes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In an article just release in the December 8, 2014 issue of NATURE CELL BIOLOGY,  Harvard University researchers believe that they have discovered how to decrease the number of white fat cells and increase the number of brown fat cells.  This results in an immediate effect on obesity and on the likelihood of keeping the weight off–the biggest problems with most diets.  You lose weight and then quickly put the weight back on and often even add more pounds than when you started the diet.

This process is not simple and is still being researched but it does hold promise for all of us who would like to pay attention to other things in life other than our waist line.  It also demonstrates that the only real solution to any health related problem is an effective diagnosis and then effective treatment.

While it is certainly true that some people are able to diet and keep the weight off, it is also true that if the body is programmed to add to the bad fat cells that people can gain weight or keep the weight even though reducing the intake of food.

By understanding and addressing the basic cause of obesity and weight gain, a real solution can occur.  All to often people are asked to accept a general one-size fits all approach when it is irrational to ignore the genetic differences in our bodies.

Demand from your health practitioners that they use only the best forms of diagnosis and resist any attempt to force patients to accept “the same old treatment” that is prescribed for everyone.  Effective diagnosis and effective treatment is the only way that people are ever going to become and stay healthy and enjoy the best quality of life.