A study published by scientists at Stanford University School of Medicine offers hope for ways of assisting the human body deal with some diseases and slow-down

English: Telomere caps he:תמונה:Telomere caps.gif

English: Telomere caps he:תמונה:Telomere caps.gif (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Telomere (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the aging process.  The good news is that it does not involve a drug that you will have to take for the rest of your life but relies in large part on sending genetic instructions that are followed by the body.The process involves working with telomeres.  Telomeres act like screens at the end of chromosomes to protect the DNA code of the human genome contained in the cells.

As the body ages, the telomeres shorten as the cells divide and the cells reach a point where they can no longer divide so they die.  These shortened telomeres are believed to be a cause, or at least a contributing factor, to many problems associated with aging.

In young people, the length of telomeres is between 8,000 to 10,000 nucleotides (an organic molecule in DNA and RNA) long.  The scientists believe that they can increase the length  by 1,000 nucleotides which they predict will mean adding many years of life to the cells and to human bodies.  Theoretically, this discovery could actually reverse many problems associated with aging.

This telomere lengthening is done using a modified RNA that will instruct the DNA to increase the length of the telomeres.  The scientists believe that in most cases only three treatments with the modified RNA will accomplish the lengthening of the telomeres and this effect will help treat certain diseases and have success in dramatically slowing the aging process.  Although much more testing is needed, it is possible that these three treatments would only have to be repeated every ten years in most people.

This is the type of research that will greatly affect our quality of life.  Once we really understand the human genome, it will be possible to treat many ailments without surgery and without drugs.  Problems with a person’s DNA is the source of most health problems and addressing and repairing the DNA problem is also the correct diagnosis and treatment of most health problems.

Please ask your health practitioner if there DNA based diagnostic tools that can be used to examine any health problems you are experiencing.  If enough of us demand these types of diagnosis it will come faster.  When DNA diagnosis is common then all of us will have the opportunity to be more healthy and have a much better quality of life for much longer than is now the norm.