Here are some of the most common treatments for hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.

Allopathic Model

In cases of hypothyroidism, most allopathic (treatment using drugs) doctors prescribe synthetic T4 or T3 to replace the natural T4 or T3 not being produced by your thyroid.   Some of these synthetic replacements are:

Cytomel (T3 replacement)

Natural Thyroid Replacement

An increasing number of medical doctors believe that thyroid supplements should be natural.  They recommend thyroid supplements derived from the thyroid gland of pigs or cows.  Examples of these natural replacements are:
Armour Thyroid

Natural Treatment

Like any other diseased part of the body, if the thyroid has gone untreated too long, it will likely not be able to again function normally.  This is why sometimes the only treatment is synthetic or natural thyroid replacement.

However, the ideal situation is to have the thyroid functioning normally again.  Often the body can repair the thyroid if there is a proper diagnosis and treatment of hydration, vitamin and mineral problems.  Once corrected, the thyroid will function properly.